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Discoper.de is a next-generation internet portal for consumer electronics
Its unmatched selling proposition is based on so called 'Score Factory': All performance indices and scorings are done by sophisticated, analytic and semantic procedures. All information is generated fully automated, either on a daily base or in real-time. It gives the user a quick assessment of the product. Scores for quality, buying motives (Why should you buy it?) or usage intentions (For what should you buy it?) provide an easy overview if the product is suitable for the customer's personal needs. Discoper is accurate and cannot be influenced nor corrupted by fraudulous action or hidden technical failure.

Discoper is matching people and electronics. It allows for a worldwide unique way to shop, 'Character Shopping', which lets the customer choose its matching virtual character with its predominant buying motives. A few 'clicks' and the best suited product set appears. Discoper is intelligent in transforming the user's needs into corresponding technical features, done by a complex matching of human buying motives with product benefits. This technique allows for the customer to find appropriate products with no need of being technically skilled.