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Product quality


Product quality - Scoring done 30.04.2017

Length of bar = Number of products distinct good + - poor Product quality
Product quality is based on two scorings counting each 50% of the overall product quality:

* the QualityZoom product quality scoring which results in a performance index representing the item's most important feature performances. This method compares every single feature of an item with those of all other products on the market thus providing a reliable index on the quality of the item in comparison to the overall market offering in this product group
* the product evaluation done by reputated experts (expert ratings) as they are known from special interest and test magazines. In case there is more than one expert rating, the arithmetic mean of all expert ratings is calculated.

The quality score ranges from 0 to 100 showing the following classifications:

  0 -   49 points:   F rating
50 -   62 points:   C rating
63 -   75 points:   B rating
76 -   88 points:   A rating
89 - 100 points: AA rating
Product quality